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Христов, Христо; Hristov, Hristo
Възрастово морфологично и образноанатомично проучване на жлезистата част на стомаха при домашния канар (Serinus canaria)
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Age morphological and imaging anatomical study of the glandular part of the stomach in domestic canary bird (Serinus canaria)
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Тракийски университет
канарчета; стомах; образноанатомично проучване; морфологично проучване
Age-related morphological investigation of the glandular part of the stomach (proventriculus gastris) in the domestic canary bird (Serinus canaria) was aimed to be conducted, comparing the data with those, obtained via some methods of the Imaging anatomy. Twenty-eight birds, aged from two days to three years, distributed in five groups are examined with anatomical, histological, imaging anatomical and morphometric methods. The results from morphometry are statistically analyzed and processed. During the post-hatch ontogenesis, the body weight increases extremely intensively till 8th day. The values, from the macrometric measurements of the parameters, increased statistically significantly till the second year, except the proventricular diameter. Proventriculus gastris is conical and is situated in the left cranial quarter of the coelomic cavity. Its topographic borders are marked by the transversal planes through 3th - 7th ribs, irrespective of the age. Stratum longitudinale of tunica muscularis is not constant, it is interrupted and in some parts is situated obliquely. Stratum circulare and stratum longitudinale of tunica muscularis increase till 8th day. We resume that the contrast roentgenology and CT with prospective reconstruction are acceptable for in vivo anatomical study of proventriculus gastris. In clinical context it is useful and recommendable the application of Rö coefficient <0.30 for norm anatomic to define the transverse diameter of pars glandularis.