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Angelov, Hristo Kirilov; Ivanov, Ivan Evgeniev; Ангелов, Христо Кирилов; Иванов, Иван Евгениев
High–performance task management for hard real-time systems
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Механизми за ефективно управление на задачите в системи за реално време
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Годишник на ТУ - София, 50(2), 1999. Автоматика и информатика : Юбилейна научна сесия „25 години Факултет „Автоматика“ ТУ-София 07-08.06.1999 София, с. 190-197
ТУ - София
0374-342Х [issn]
системи за автоматично управление – надеждност; оптимални процеси – управление; automatic control systems - reliability
The paper presents advanced task management techniques featuring Boolean vectors and parallel (bitwise) vector operations on kernel data structures. These techniques have been applied to three aspects of task management: task scheduling, task execution request generation and task synchronization. A major effect has been thus achieved since the execution time of system operations no longer depends on the number of tasks involved. Instead, multiple operations can be executed within a single step of constant and minimal duration which is bounded by the execution time of bitwise Boolean operation instructions. In particular, multiple tasks can be released simultaneously in constant time irrespective of the number of tasks involved (n), whereas in conventional kernels the complexity of that operation is O(n2). On the other hand, task scheduling time has also been reduced to a minimum, being of the same order as the execution time of register bit-manipulation instructions.
Angelov, Hristo Kirilov et al. High – performance task management for hard real-time systems / Christo Angelov, Ivan Ivanov. (Systems and control). // Годишник на ТУ-София, Том 50, 1999, № 2. Автоматика и информатика : Юбилейна научна сесия „25 години Факултет „Автоматика“ ТУ–София 07-08.06.1999 София, с. 190-197. - Рез. на бълг. и англ. ез.; С библиогр.