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Gaydardzhieva, Veneta; Ivanov, Stefan; Vassileva, Elka; Markov, Nedelin; Atanasova, Petya; Gidikova, Anastasiya
Planning and management of regional development: Problems, prospects, innovations
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Академично издателство Тракийски университет, Стара Загора
регионално развитие, планиране, управление, мениджмънт
This collective monograph presents part of the publications on scientific research, conducted by the author team at the Department of Regional Development of the Faculty of Economics, headed by Prof. V. Gaydardzhieva, PhD within the framework of the Contest for financing scientific projects - 2018 in Thrakia University. The relevance of the author's research related to the scientific project on the topic: "Innovative methods of working in the planning and management of regional development" is based on the fact that there is a constant interest and need for in-depth research on the problems related to the planning and management of regional development. In theory and practice, a wealth of tools is used to analyze, evaluate and model socio-economic processes. It is of increasing interest to combine visualization methods with datasets. In this respect, geographical information systems occupy a central place. These types of systems have solid capabilities for visualizing the individual phenomenon and processes, mainly based on mapping and other specific methods. Mapping individual or related phenomena provides other additional opportunities for the researcher to analyze and evaluate. The main objective of the project is to implement GIS (Geographic Information Systems) based systems for analysis, assessment, management and modeling of the regional economy, as well as all related regional problems in the field of demography, health care, ecology and others, with a solid social and social response. As a result of the research work on the project, the participants initiated the publication of this collective monograph, in which they broadened the focus of research to major problems and policies related to regional development. Emphasis is placed on sustainable regional development policy in the next decade; strengthening the partnership in the Regional Development Councils as an opportunity to improve the governance of the regions in Bulgaria; the impact of innovation on the economic development of the regions; the comparative and competitive advantages of the Bulgarian tourism market for health tourism directly affecting the sustainable economic development of the individual regions with specific natural and historical features, as well as the proposal for the introduction of a standard for the costs of the Foster Care service financed by the municipalities. Some applications of remote methods in urban development management are also presented (on the example of the city of Stara Zagora). Thanks to the good cooperation between the Departments of Regional Development of Thrakia University, Stara Zagora and the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, we thank our colleagues and their participation in this scientific publication.