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Маринов, Марин; Marinov, Marin; Тодоров, Тодор; Todorov, Todor
Програмен продукт за комплексно двуезично адаптиране на текстове за чуждоезиково обучение
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Техники и технологии в чуждоезиковото обучение и висшето образование, 2(2), 2021, стр.57-69
Технически университет - София
2683-0876 [issn]
чуждоезиково обучение, електронни образователни ресурси, програмен продукт, адаптирани двуезични текстове, субтитри; foreign language teaching, digital educational resources, software product, adapted bilingual texts, subtitles
Contemporary ICT offers powerful didactic potential which is more and more successfully harnessed for further enhancement of foreign language teaching process. Acknowledging the significance of the above-mentioned phenomenon, the authors of the article present a software product they have developed which is considered to be effectively applicable to both acquiring new and consolidating prior knowledge and skills in learning a foreign language with the help of such popular and readily accessible multimedia resources as films, clips, songs etc. One of the essential advantages of this method is contained in the fact that learners feel personally involved in the process, thus demonstrating genuine devotion, consistency and positive psychological disposition towards self-improvement. The product benefits users of various levels of language proficiency due to the range of modules it combines, as well as the smooth transition between the different loading modes it ensures. The product may be used independently, or incorporated as a complementary tool into more traditional educational contexts.
Библиография, с. 68-69